This week marks the first time when Texas will be hitting the triple digits this year. Couple that heat with the coastal humidity and you have a perfect formula for dehydration and eu de sweat. As wonderful as my Pikeur Ciaras are, they are not built for profuse bum sweat. Hence, my closet has a need for something I've long hated: riding tights.

If you're early on in your eco-conscious journey, you may not have run into this word, but you've definitely encountered greenwashing. Marketing teams across the nation have latched onto eco-conscious buzz words and assign them to products that have no business being labeled such. Some of these mystery words include "eco-friendly", "vegan friendly", "sustainably produced" or even just "good for the environment".

When it comes to secondhand shopping for clothing outside the barn, ThredUp is my go-to site. There's so much to love, but my favorite reasons are:

  • Their rewards program
  • Targeted, detailed search function
  • Abundant coupons and sales
  • Everything is secondhand, even the NWT items
  • Saving searches for later

Did I make the score of the century? After totaling the math, I realize I may have, even when it was a bit of an impulse buy!

Last month, I was scrolling on Poshmark one night. I stumbled upon a pair of Pikeur Ciara breeches. To me, Pikeur wasn't on my radar during my h/j time. However, Pikeur is king in the dressage world, so I quickly regarded it as brand whose quality matched its high price tag. Normally, they retail at $300 USD new in the US. In Europe, where Pikeur is based, they are priced around the equivalent of $200 USD.

As children, many of us horse people were often bombarded with horse-themed gifts growing up. The minute we expressed even the slightest interest in the beasts, doting grandparents and friends likely thrust horsey pencil kits, horsey toys, horsey clothes, horsey wall racks, horsey everything on us! As horse kids, I'm sure we were thrilled; I know I was.

This week, I relived some of that childlike excitement. A squeal may have even passed my lips.

The Tried Equestrian is a premier consignment store specializing in equestrian attire and tack. They sell both online and in a brick-and-mortar showroom in Santa Clarita, California. Taylor Hall, the founder, created the store in 2016 "after dreaming of a way to build a streamlined,...

Have you ever consistently ogled the same thing, not realizing at first that you've seen and loved it before? The Mountain Horse Sovereign boots are that thing for me. I'm not the first to fall for them, especially the two-toned brown boots. The construction is lovely....