Here you’ll find a conversation integrating three perspectives: one from the amateur equestrian, one from the frugal, twenty-something, and one from the eco-conscious reformer.

The Amateur Equestrian

I’ve been riding since elementary school, off and on, dressage and jumping. The horse bug bit me early and it’s now a lifelong passion. Riding and horse culture is so dear to me, but is permeated with pitfalls. Notably, I’ve fallen prey to materialism, toxic comparison and fear. Improving my relationship with riding and besting these pitfalls are huge goals of mine.

The Frugal, Twenty-Something

Growing up, I was extremely blessed to have parents that supported and patronized my horse habit. I definitely took it for granted and now approach equestrianism with a richer understanding of wealth, despite a small wallet. In fact, my dear husband graduated with significant student loan debt. As we navigate honoring our debt and building wealth, it both tempers and enhances my mindset as I analyze what is worth paying for.

The Eco-Conscious Reformer

My thoughts on the environment are broad and organic. In particular, I normally focus on what I can do at my micro level as an individual. I’ve gone through the highs and lows of how much personal responsibility to assign myself and analyzing how I can create the greatest impact. The research shows our impactful decisions are few and normally limited to large decisions, like home buying and family structuring, rather than a roll of beeswax paper. My best change was shifting my mindset to create less demand for manufacturing.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Frugality and riding often go hand-in-hand, as does eco-consciousness and frugality. Riding and eco-consciousness is not often a conversation I hear enough of, so I hope to explore how all three of these intersect and relate.