Botori Adler Breech Review

This week marks the first time when Texas will be hitting the triple digits this year. Couple that heat with the coastal humidity and you have a perfect formula for dehydration and eu de sweat. As wonderful as my Pikeur Ciaras are, they are not built for profuse bum sweat. Hence, my closet has a need for something I’ve long hated: riding tights.

My only experience with riding tights was over a decade ago with some budget Kerrits tights. I remember disliking how slippery I felt in the saddle and how they slipped down easily, so I quickly sold them to a barnmate. Since then, I’ve seen Botori pop up on social media several times, touted as a summer solution by some of my favorite equestrians. What quickly turned me back onto the possibility of riding tights was their Adler breech. Not only did it have honest-to-goodness knee patches, it had belt loops! I quickly looked around my normal secondhand sites and found a pair on Poshmark.

Like all my secondhand purchases, I like to do a Cost Per Wear analysis on the items. For reference, the average cost per wear in America is $4.06. The Pretty Planeteer does an excellent breakdown of this concept if you’d like to learn more. Everyone’s ideal CPW will differ. I try to have a maximum yearly CPW of $1 for my pieces. One thing I’d like to note is I got a pair of the Adler breeches in merlot/wine, which is not currently available on the site.

New Botori Adler Breech Cost Per Wear

Specs for the Adler breech include:

  • mid-rise waist with wide belt loops (fits up to 2” belt)
  • 2 pockets
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Ultrasuede knee patch

On my 5’7″ frame, these sit higher than what I would consider a mid-rise. I personally love that it sits at my belly button. It’s touted as a compression tight/breech, but I find it to be on the lighter side when compared with my true workout leggings. This makes them comfortable to wear, but they don’t stay in place like a high-compression garment will. The Botori size chart leaves much to be desired, since it offers no waist or hip measurements, only inseams. I had to use reviews and discuss with my Poshmark seller how they experienced the sizing. She described the small as being able to fit a size 0 to a size 6. Having them on, I’m not sure a size 0 or 2 would prefer a Small over an X-Small.

For reference, my current measurements are:

  • Waist at the narrowest part: 29.5″
  • Stomach at the belly button: 32″
  • Hips at the widest point: 39″

I think a medium on me would be much too floppy, whereas the Small felt comfortable and fitted. Once belted, I have no issues with the waistband slipping or folding. The fabric feels thicker than a true legging material, but lighter than a breech. It’s definitely the hybrid it professes to be.

As far as CPW, new Botori Adler Breeches run:

  • $145/52 wears (once weekly) = $2.99 per wear
  • $145/104 wears (twice weekly) = $1.39 per wear
  • $145/312 wears (5 times weekly) = $0.46 per wear

Like our brand new Pikeur Ciaras, these breeches would need to be worn nearly every ride for a year to get below that $1 CPW. Admittedly, we get there quickly. To get $1, we’d have to wear them about 2.8 times a week before we broke that threshold. In the Texas heat, that might be extremely possible for some. Overall, wearing these once a week for a year would still put someone under the national average.

Poshmark Botori Adler Review

I got these breeches for $62.44 on Poshmark, including taxes and shipping! They were practically brand new. I didn’t notice any loose stitching, marks or imperfections. They seemed like they were rarely used or meticulously cared for. Let’s compare the theoretical and actual CPW for these.

  • $62.44/52 wears (once weekly) = $1.20 per wear
  • $62.44/104 wears (twice weekly) = $0.60 per wear
  • $62.44/312 wears (5 times weekly) = $0.20 per wear

We get much closer to that $1 CPW at this price point. They are a tad higher at $1.20, but the function they serve is worth it in my opinion. We’re truly past the point where the heat and humidity makes riding almost miserable. If the barn didn’t have a covered arena with fans, I think I’d be tapping out my lessons early every time. About two weeks ago, I did! My trainer suggested moving to a later time slot which seemed to have helped a little bit, but even a later ride can be discouragingly hot.

At the Barn

While grooming, any dust or grime was quickly dusted off and left the fabric like new. I was sweating profusely, but they never felt uncomfortably clingy. After the ride, I gave Riley an extra long shower and understandably got a little more soaked than normal. By the time I had cleaned tack and sweat scraped the old gentleman, my legs were entirely dry.

In the Saddle

Yesterday when I rode in them, the temperature was around 85-90 degrees with about 70% humidity. I experienced no chafing or discomfort. Sweat wicked off quickly and left me not noticing my breeches at all. My biggest gripe in the past were knee patches that seemed to fight me in the saddle rather than help. These were excellent and performed just how they should.

Final Thoughts

I loved these much more than I was expecting to. In our brutal SE TX heat and humidity, they are a game changer. PT Husband commented they were flattering and confirmed no bum sweat in sight!

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of the Adlers on my secondhand sites. They’re extremely functional and feel great. I wouldn’t consider myself a full convert to riding tights, but these are an excellent solution to riders who don’t want to compromise on comfort and style.

Featured image courtesy of Botori

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