Equestrian Brands On Thred-Up

When it comes to secondhand shopping for clothing outside the barn, ThredUp is my go-to site. There’s so much to love, but my favorite reasons are:

  • Their rewards program
  • Targeted, detailed search function
  • Abundant coupons and sales
  • Everything is secondhand, even the NWT items
  • Saving searches for later

Below are some equestrian brands that you can shop on ThredUp. I’ll updated this post as more brands are featured!


Kerrits is known for playful prints, technical fabrics and innovation at an affordable price. They’re a top choice for schooling in seasonal weather.

Kastel Denmark

Kastel Denmark is known for their wonderful, lightweight sun shirts. They’ve expanded into other items, as well. They don’t often pop up on ThredUp, but when they do, they’re snapped up quickly!


A staple in the equestrian community, Ariat’s often an easier brand to find on ThredUp. Since they cater to Western audiences as well, you may have to sift a bit before you find a pair of breeches or puffer vest.

Goode Rider

Fashionable and affordable, Goode Rider’s best pieces are their outerwear, like jackets and vests. I haven’t noticed a lot of them come through, but they’re good looking enough to save a new search.

Mountain Horse

Mountain Horse is one of my favorite brands, specifically with footwear! They also offer great outerwear and tops, all focused on warmth and durability.


Ovation is a great brand for budding equestrians who quickly outgrow their clothing, as well as equestrians who believe in pinching pennies.


One of the most popular retailers can also be found on ThredUp! I’ve noticed these are rare finds and are quickly snapped up.


Clean-cut and affordable, TuffRider is always a safe bet!

Dover Saddlery

The tried and true tack retailer has its own brand of clothing. See if their affordable picks fit you!


Technical fabrics and simple designs make Irideon a staple in any equestrian’s closet.

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