In The Irons Eyeshadow Palette Review

As children, many of us horse people were often bombarded with horse-themed gifts growing up. The minute we expressed even the slightest interest in the beasts, doting grandparents and friends likely thrust horsey pencil kits, horsey toys, horsey clothes, horsey wall racks, horsey everything on us! As horse kids, I’m sure we were thrilled; I know I was.

This week, I relived some of that childlike excitement. A squeal may have even passed my lips.

I’m not normally of the opinion that everything in my life should be equestrian-themed. Life’s all about balance, right?

However, when two of my greatest loves were realized together, I couldn’t resist. Enter, Blue Ribbon Beauty Cosmetics. Specifically, a cool-toned eyeshadow palette that was reasonably priced, suited for neutral looks and wrapped in a vintage-inspired package? Say less.

In the Irons is the English sister of the two eyeshadow palettes BRBC currently offers. Here are the specs:

  • 6 Colors
    • Prince of Wales | Silver Shimmer
    • Breeches | Gold Shimmer
    • Triple Oxer | Dusty Mauve Shimmer
    • Bays for Days | Cool Medium Brown Satin
    • Half Seat | Brown Rose Matte
    • Close Contact | Warm Medium Brown Matte
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free (but not vegan)
  • 1.5g Total | 0.05g per pan
  • $18.95 total | $3.16/pan

First off, let me establish who I am as a consumer for makeup, since cosmetics are not universal. I’m a makeup enthusiast without formal education or training, but I am a professional artist by trade and understand color theory. I’m fair skinned with a neutral undertone. I don’t have excessive oil or wrinkles around my eyes. I have a small/medium makeup collection and consistently wear a full face of makeup. Okay! Let’s get into the details!

Eyeshadow Quality

There are many consistencies of eyeshadow. What formulas and pigmentation you use are normally just preferential. Like horses, some are harder to work with and some are more forgiving. This particular formula is soft and buildable, meaning the pigmentation has to be built up in sheer layers. These shadows are not pressed hard, which results in a bit of fallout. Some makeup wearers detest fallout, but I personally don’t mind it. A simple tap of the brush usually takes care of it for me.

The shadows have a nice consistency, almost buttery. If I had to compare it another existing formula, I can’t think of an exact match. I have a Marc Jacobs palette that has a similar feel and level of fallout, but is more pigmented than BRBC’s formula. However, it outperforms NYX shadows, which I’ve found to be pressed so hard, it feels impossible to load a brush. If I had to make the closest comparison, it would be ColourPop’s level of quality, but a lower level of pigmentation.

I’m not one to ever wear eyeshadow without a primer. I think it impacts the staying power and application’s smoothness significantly compared to just putting shadow on a naked eye. I use the Milani eyeshadow primer, which is affordable and blocks the oil production of my eyelids. Oil production is the main reason why eyeshadow will crease and muddy. Despite being an equestrian brand, I don’t think there’s anything in the formula that would make it last through a ride without some kind of primer, but most eyeshadow wouldn’t.

The palette leans cooler, meaning it would best suit skin with neutral or cooler undertones. The one warm shade, Close Contact, provides a bit of flexibility with its red base.

Overall, the formula creates a gentle effect. It has a watercolor quality, where the beauty is best brought out in methodical layers. The color palette is natural and would be difficult to overdo.

Pricing and Value

Under $20 and holding six pans puts this palette in a familiar indie brand pricing. For a neutral palette, it’s versatile and perfect for daily use. The packaging alone was enough reason for me to say, “yes, please”. The biggest bonus for me is supporting a small, woman-owned business.

I can personally attest Rachel, the owner and founder, is vested in her customer’s satisfaction. I had a small blip in my ordering process and contacting her resulted in a lightning fast response. Her love for her business is evident and she worked to rectify it ASAP.

Who Would Like This

I think any equestrian would be pleased to snag one of these palettes. They’re small enough to travel with and are cute, cute cute! They’d make a great stocking stuffer, birthday gift or thank you treat for the favorite equestrian in your life. The shadows are perfectly suitable for beginner and experienced makeup users, but people who want intense pigment payoff immediately may prefer to just have the palette art on display.

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