The Tried Equestrian: Buyer’s Review

The Tried Equestrian is a premier consignment store specializing in equestrian attire and tack. They sell both online and in a brick-and-mortar showroom in Santa Clarita, California. Taylor Hall, the founder, created the store in 2016 “after dreaming of a way to build a streamlined, economically and environmentally responsible avenue for quality tack and equestrian apparel”.

It’s a site I found quickly in my pursuit of secondhand. The website is sleek and has a great user interface for searching for items. They’re choosy about the brands they take on for consignment, but not necessarily because they want to showcase the most expensive brands. Quality across budgets is their focus.

Buying and selling secondhand are two different experiences and have different criteria. As a buyer, I look at:

  • how easily I can find what I need
  • pricing & value
  • easy transactions

Here’s how The Tried Equestrian stacks up:

Finding What I Need

As I said, The Tried Equestrian’s website is excellent. It’s organized well and the user interface is intuitive to navigate. Pictures feature the actual products with accurate representations of the condition of the items. The Tried Equestrian only accepts items in great condition, so buying a dud seems unlikely. Even if something doesn’t work out, they have a 2 week return policy on items with their tags left on. They constantly are adding new stock, so be sure to follow their Instagram to get the freshest drops!

The professionalism and overall usability of the site earns 4.5 stars for me. Areas for improvement are few and nit-picky, because I do find what I need pretty quickly. Since you can have an account with the site, I think it would make sense to be able to favorite and save items for later, like on Poshmark and ThredUp. Another idea is to be able to narrow sizing filters more by numerical values, instead of general letter sizes. For example, to find size 26 breeches, I also had to dig through size 24 breeches, since you can only choose S.

As far as my first purchase from The Tried Equestrian, I’m incredibly pleased. I wanted a pair of simple, tan breeches at a schooling price. The search filters helped me organize price from lowest to highest, my size range, preferred color, and knee patches. I could have filtered even more by brand and the option of NWT, but really was looking for something affordable. I landed on a pair of SmartPak Hadley breeches.

Pricing & Value

The thing to consider about consignment is two parties need to make money: the owner of the item and the consignor. Compared to situations where you’re buying directly from the owner, prices may feel higher. For what I bought, I think my purchase was 5 stars! These Hadley Breeches normally run $120 new from SmartPak. I don’t think these are the highest quality breech, but for schooling quality, I didn’t need it. After getting a 10% off coupon from signing up for emails, my grand total was $61.97 after taxes and shipping.

The only blemishes were some staining around the knee patches from boots, but I expect those to be covered. Overall, these strike me as a pair that will hold up well and look sharp for schooling. For about $62, I think that’s more than fair.

If I wore them at minimum once a week, the cost per wear in a year would be $1.91 each time. Fantastic!

Easy Transaction

The Tried Equestrian uses the Shopify platform, so transactions are very similar to some of your favorite sites you probably already shop from. You can feel safe using whatever digital payment you’d like to use. Order confirmation emails are sent automatically and tracking is easy to find. My package got to me in a few days, which felt much faster than most boutiques and stores normally would.

There was a handwritten thank you note with my invoice. The breeches were thoughtfully wrapped in tissue paper and packed pristinely. It definitely felt like I was buying from people vs. a faceless company.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my purchase experience. Buying secondhand for some people can limit how “sexy” a purchase can feel, in that, you’re often buying from another person who doesn’t do much but throw an item in an old Amazon box and cast it into the aether. *raises hand*

So, buying from places like The Tried Equestrian, ThredUp or TheRealReal where a company handles the items can give that posh feeling, should that be an important part of shopping for you.


The Tried Equestrian is an excellent place to shop! With an excellent flow of stock and professional service, I highly recommend including them on your shortlist of secondhand equestrian shopping. If you have trouble finding anything, reach out to the team and see what they can do for you.

Thoughts are my own and in no way sponsored by any parties.

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